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World Coin Folders
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Lighthouse Euro Folder
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Lighthouse Euro Set Coin Wallet
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World Coin Folder

Showcase Your Foreign Coins Easily

One of the most popular subsets of numismatics is the collecting of coins from all over the world. You can showcase your fascinating global collection with a world coin folder from Wizard Coin Supply. Many of the major brand names carry folders and albums designed specifically to hold the different sizes of world coins. Check out Dansco’s album of coins of the world, with capacity to hold 10c-50c coins and screw-apart posts for adding or removing pages. This Dansco album is a brown leatherette binder with embossed gold lettering for a distinctive, polished look. Enjoy learning more about the coins of the world by perusing Wizard’s library of captivating coin books on the subject – and gain a ‘world’ of knowledge about these interesting coins.

Foreign Coin Folders Offer a World of Options

You have your favorite albums for United States’ coins, and now that you’ve branched out into the world of foreign coins, it’s time to find out what’s available in foreign coin folders. You’re in luck, because Wizard has your needs covered. Search by brand, or by the country of your coins’ origin, and you’ll find folders for British, Canadian, Australian, Mexican, and many other types of foreign coins. For euro collectors, we offer several major name brand folders and albums that cater specifically to this interesting type of coin. If you want to showcase coins from several different countries in the same album, or your size needs don’t fit neatly into a pre-set folder size, try the Whitman universal album. With these blank albums you can mix and match from eight different sizes of Whitman blank pages, so you can create your own eclectic foreign-coin album.

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