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THEY'RE BACK: Intercept Shield Double Protection Box

SKU: 45510
Model No.: 345419
Alternate Model No.: IBDPSL10

MSRP: $25.95
Our Price: $21.99

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  • THEY'RE BACK! -- These great boxes were back in stock after four years of being off of the market.
  • NO THEY'RE NOT! -- And then, out of stock again almost instantly due to production of an insanely small initial quantity.
  • Stay tuned to the progress on more on our Intercept Shield Update page.
These Intercept Shield boxes for certified coins offer superb protection for your certified coins. Each box contains ten individual smaller boxes. All eleven boxes are lined with Intercept Shield, a breakthrough technology protecting your valuable coins from environmental damage. With the ten smaller boxes fitting inside the larger one, you get double protection from two Intercept Shield layers in a handy storage container. Each box will protect ten PCGS, NGC or ICG graded coins. The boxes are 3-1/4 inches wide by 3-3/4 inches tall by 6-1/2 inches long. Intercept Shield acts as a neutralizing agent cleansing the air around the coin protecting it from the harmful effects of corrosion.

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