Littleton Album Lincoln Cents 1959-2011

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This album includes spaces for all regular issues from the P, D and S Mints from 1959 to date, and for Proof issues from 1975 to date. Also included are spaces for Small and Large Date varieties from 1960, 1970 and 1982 as well as for Filled and Clear S varieties from 1979. Littleton albums provide archival-quality, acid-free, and PVC-free long-term storage for your collection. Each album gives you a brief history about the series, along with mintage figures. Littleton albums feature sturdy 3-ring binder construction, so album pages lie flat and can be easily removed. Brass eyelets reinforce the pages, and thumb-holds make slide removal convenient. Crystal-clear slides show both obverse and reverse. Album fits in a 2-inch slipcase (sold separately). (PAGE 1: 1959, 1959-D, 1960 SMALL DATE, 1960 LARGE DATE, 1960-D SMALL DATE, 1960-D LARGE DATE, 1961, 1961-D, 1962, 1962-D, 1963, 1963-D, 1964, 1964-D, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1968-D, 1968-S, 1968-S PROOF, 1969, 1969-D, 1969-S, 1969-S PROOF) (PAGE 2: 1970, 1970-D, 1970-S SMALL DATE, 1970-S LARGE DATE, 1970-S PROOF, 1971, 1971-D, 1971-S, 1971-S PROOF, 1972, 1972-D, 1972-S, 1972-S PROOF, 1973, 1973-D, 1973-S, 1973-S PROOF, 1974, 1974-D, 1974-S, 1974-S PROOF, 1975, 1975-D, 1975-S PROOF, 1976) (PAGE 3: 1976-D, 1976-S PROOF, 1977, 1977-D, 1977-S PROOF, 1978, 1978-D, 1978-S PROOF, 1979, 1979-D,1979-S PROOF FILLED S, 1979-S PROOF CLEAR SM 1980, 1980-D, 1980-S PROOF, 1981, 1981-D, 1981-S PROOF FILLED S, 1981-S PROOF CLEAR S, 1982 LG. DATE COPPER, 1982 SM DATE COPPER, 1982 LG DATE ZINC, 1982 SM DATE ZINC, 1982-D LG DATE COPPER, 1982-D LG DATE ZINC) (PAGE 4: 1982-D SMALL DATE ZINC, 1982-S PROOF, 1983, 1983-D, 1983-S PROOF, 1984, 1984-D, 1984-S PROOF, 1985, 1985-D, 1985-S PROOF, 1986, 1986-D, 1986-S PROOF, 1987, 1987-D, 1987-S PROOF, 1988, 1988-D, 1988-S PROOF, 1989, 1989-D, 1989-S PROOF, 1990, 1990-D) (PAGE 5: 1990-S PROOF, 1991, 1991-D, 1991-S PROOF, 1992, 1992-D, 1992-S PROOF, 1993, 1993-D, 1993-S PROOF, 1994, 1994-D, 1994-S PROOF, 1995, 1995-D, 1995-S PROOF, 1996, 1996-D, 1996-S PROOF, 1997, 1997-D, 1997-S PROOF, 1998, 1998-D, 1998-S PROOF) (PAGE 6: 1999, 1999-D, 1999-S PROOF, 2000, 2000-D, 2000-S PROOF, 2001, 2001-D, 2001-S PROOF, 2002, 2002-D, 2002-S PROOF, 2003, 2003-D, 2003-S PROOF, 2004, 2004-D, 2004-S PROOF, 2005, 2005-D, 2005-S PROOF, 2006, 2006-D 2006-S PROOF, 2007) (PAGE 7: 2007-D, 2007-S PROOF, 2008, 2008-D, 2008-S PROOF, 2009 BIRTH & CHILDHOOD, 2009-D BIRTH & CHILDHOOD, 2009-S PROOF BIRTH & CHILDHOOD, 2009 FORMATIVE YEARS, 2009-D FORMATIVE YEARS, 2009-S PROOF FORMATIVE YEARS, 2009 PROFESSIONAL LIFE, 2009-D PROFESSIONAL LIFE, 2009-S PROOF PROFESSIONAL LIFE, 2009 PRESIDENCY, 2009-D PRESIDENCY, 2009-S PROOF PRESIDENCY, 2010, 2010-D, 2010-S PROOF, 2011, 2011-D, 2011-S PROOF, BLANK HOLE, BLANK HOLE)

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