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Prinz/Scott Stamp Mounts: 26x36


SKU: 75516
MODEL: 26/36
MADE IN: Germany
Regular Price: $3.75
Sale Price: $2.59
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Color: Black
In Stock
Color: Clear
In Stock


Prinz/Scott Stamp Mounts are made from archival quality polystyrol and offer superb protection for your stamps. Prinz/Scott Stamp Mounts contain no plasticizers or other harmful chemicals and have been proven safe for the storage of valuable stamps and documents. The extra strong clamping action of Prinz/Scott Stamp Mounts will securely hold your stamps in place preventing them from slipping out. The split back design of Prinz/Scott Stamp Mounts makes it possible to lift up and easily take out the stamps. Prinz/Scott Stamp Mounts are available with either black or clear backs. The package can be used as a refillable storage tray to keep your Prinz/Scott Stamp Mounts organized. We typically ship Prinz Stamp Mounts but, depending on availability, sometimes stock and ship Scott Stamp Mounts which are made by Prinz for Scott and are identical to Prinz Stamp Mounts in every respect (except for the branding on the package).
Backing Colors Available: Black or Clear
Height: 36mm
Length: 26mm
Number of Stamp Mounts per Pack: 40

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