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Dansco Album 7070: US Type - Major Types From 1800


SKU: 31194
MODEL: 7070
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The Dansco 7070 Type Album is finally coming back into stock after several years.   Dansco is rationing initial shipments of this album to distributors.  We have our allotment inbound and will take backorders and ship on a first-come, first-served basis.  If our initial allotment is depleted, we will continue to take backorders to ship once Dansco restocks us.

This Dansco Supreme Album for US Type - Major Types From 1800 (Dansco model number 7070) consists of a brown leatherette binder with loose-leaf hinged pages. The binder is gold stamped and the plastic coated pages are tan in color with black lettering. The pages are held in the binder with two posts that screw apart so that pages can be added, removed and replaced with ease. If a slip case is desired, the 1 inch slip case is the proper size for this album. A Modern Coinage page is included.

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Reviewed by Robert
on Jan 9, 2019
Incomplete and Dated
While this album physically conforms to Dansco's high standards, it is obviously dated and lacks several important varieties.

For example, with small cents, there's no port for a shield cent, and Lincoln Memorial cents have the legend "1959 - Date" Similarly, there is no port for the post-2005 Jefferson Nickel design. I would also like to see separate ports for Kennedy Silver Clad vs. Copper-Nickel Clad halves, and a 1921 High Relief Peace Dollar port. I've heard others lament the lack of ports for the varieties of three-cent silver coins, Westward Nickels and 2009 Lincolns.

While it's still a good album to start a type collection with, I would very much like to see this album overhauled in the near future.

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