Littleton Album Kennedy Half Dollars 1964-1987

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This album includes spaces for all regular and Proof issues from the P, D, and S Mints from 1964 to 1987, including copper-nickel clad and silver clad Bicentennial issues, the 1979-S Variety II Proof, and 1 extra space. Littleton albums provide archival-quality, acid-free, and PVC-free long-term storage for your collection. Each album gives you a brief history about the series, along with mintage figures. Littleton albums feature sturdy 3-ring binder construction, so album pages lie flat and can be easily removed. Brass eyelets reinforce the pages, and thumb-holds make slide removal convenient. Crystal-clear slides show both obverse and reverse. Album fits in a 2-inch slipcase (sold separately). (PAGE 1: 1964,1964-D,1964 PROOF, 1965, 1965 SMS, 1966, 1966 SMS, 1967, 1967 SMS, 1968-D, 1968S PROOF, 1969-D, 1969-S PROOF, 1970-S PROOF, 1971) (PAGE 2: 1971-D, 1971-S PROOF, 1972, 1972-D, 1972-S PROOF, 1973, 1973-D, 1973-S PROOF, 1974, 1974-D 1974-S PROOF, 1776-1976 COPPER-NICKEL CLAD, 1776-1976-D, 1776-1976-S PROOF, 1776-1976 SILVER CLAD, 1776-1976-S PROOF) (PAGE 3: 1977, 1977-D, 1977-S PROOF, 1978, 1978-D, 1978-S PROOF, 1979, 1979-D, 1979-S PROOF FILLED “S”, 1979-S PROOF CLEAR “S”, 1980-P, 1980-D, 1980-S PROOF, 1981-P, 1981-D, 1981-S PROOF) (PAGE 4: 1982-P, 1982-D, 1982-S PROOF, 1983-P, 1983-D, 1983-S PROOF, 1984-P, 1984-D, 1984-S PROOF, 1985-P, 1985-D, 1985-S PROOF, 1986-P, 1986-D, 1986-S PROOF, 1987-P) (PAGE 5: 1987-D, 1987-S PROOF, 14 BLANK HOLES)

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