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Coin Chemistry

SKU: 10210
Author / Editor: Weimar W. White
ISBN 10: 0971392412
ISBN 13: 9780971392410
UPC: 9780971392410

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Coin Chemistry by Weimar W. White

This book presents the author's ideas on cleaning and preserving coins. He focuses on silver coins, since they are most susceptible to tarnishing, and gives examples of coins that should and shouldn't be cleaned. He names substances that should be used, and provides information about the albums that best protect against toning. Many silver coins, in the wrong albums, will continue to tarnish. Slabbed coins also can continue to tarnish, he says, if not protected.

He also talks about restoration of damaged coins, for example an 1876 CC half dollar that has been holed, probably for jewelry. Since the coin is at least a desirable grade AU-58, he had it restored by an expert, using material from silver coinage. The patch is so good it can only be detected with a high-powered microscope. White provides the contact information for the restorer, and for album purchases.

This book is a Third Edition, dated 2012 , and would be a valuable addition for those who specialize in cleaning and preserving coins, and for novices who would like to know more about the subject.
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 3rd
Publication Date: May 2012
Size: 6x9
Pages: 102

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Coin Chemistry
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