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How To Clean Coins Booklet


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This ten-page booklet is essentially an instruction manual for the Nic-A-Lene brand coin cleaning products including Nic-A-Lene, Nic-A-Spray, Nic-A-Tone, Nic-A-Date, Nic-A-Brush and Nic-A-Rag. It includes sections on Cleaning Uncirculated Coins, Cleaning Very Corroded Coins, Cleaning Rolls of Uncirculated Coins, Processing the 1943 Steel Cents, Cleaning Silver and Gold Coins, Uncirculated and Proof Coins, Circulated Coins, Cleaning and Re-Toning Copper and Brass Coins, Restoring the Date on Worn Nickels, Relics and Artifacts, Cleaning Jewelry Items, Cleaning and Polishing Coins for Mounting in Jewelry. While the methods described in this booklet are certainly fine for coins without numismatic value we are skeptical that some of the described uses are acceptable on collectible coins and don't necessarily agree that these methods increase desireability and value of coins. Notwithstanding, the booklet contains helpful guidance for use of Nic-A-Lene products when used appropriately by an experienced conservationist.
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: Unknown
Size: 8.5x11
Pages: 10

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