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Armored Brand 360 Album Presidential Dollar PD 2007-2012 Vol 1


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MODEL: 1002007B1
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Even before you open an innovative Armored Brand USA 360 Album, you will notice the unique, completely enclosed binder. This patented binder is made entirely of archival polypropylene. This complete enclosure is light weight and moisture resistant, eliminating the need of an additional slipcover. Inside, each coin port is raised above the page allowing you to see the edges and when you turn the page over, the reverse is available for viewing. As you open the page to insert your coins you will notice that each port is actually its own little, completely enclosed and self locking capsule! This innovative approach eliminates the typical "slides" found in other albums that may scratch your coins. It also completely surrounds your coin with an inert plastic rather than cardboard. Of course what is most important in your mind (and ours) are the coins themselves. That is why we raised the coins up on a pedestal above the page and chose a background color to compliment each individual series. As a result, the coins stand out but are not overpowered. Two albums are required to cover all of the P and D business strike versions of the Presidential Dollars. This is volume 1 of the two volume set.

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