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BCW Deck Guards -- Clear -- Anti Glare


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BARCODE: 722626601330
MADE IN: China
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The BCW Anti-Glare Deck Guards measure 66x91 and are an acid free, archival quality product that is designed to protect, store and display your valuable collectible gaming cards like Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and others. Use these protective sleeves for all your gaming needs.
  • Acid free, archival safe, no PVC
  • Card sleeves that fit 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" game cards
  • Anti-glare front and back
  • 50 sleeves per pack
Exterior Dimensions: 2 5/8 X 3 5/8

Use these protective sleeves on the following games:

3 Kings, 88, 1969, (Your Name Here) And The Argonauts, 100 Swords, 12 Days Of Christmas, 12 O'clock High Bomber Cards, 12 Realms, 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1313 Dead End Drive, 15 Dias: The Spanish Golden Age, 1655: Habemus Papam, 1750: Britain Vs. France Large Cards, 1936: Guerra Civil, 1955: The War Of Espionage, 1960: Making Of The President, 1989: Dawn Of Freedom, 1St & Goal, 2 De Mayo, 27Th Passenger: A Hunt On Rails, 3 Wishes, 300: The Board Game, 404: Law Not Found, 51St State, 7 Kingdoms, 7-Card Slugfest, 8 Masters' Revenge, A Distant Plain, A Duel Betwixt Us, A Handful Of Stars, A Study In Emerald, A.D. 30 , Abaddon, Ace Detective, Ace Detective: Strange Tales, Ace Of Spies, Achaia, Acquire, Addictive Alchemy, Adventure Of D, Adventure Time Card Wars, Adventurer: Card Game, Aeon'S End, Age Of Empires Iii: The Age Of Discovery, Age Of Mythology: The Boardgame, Age Of Napoleon, Age Of The Dinosaurs, Agent Hunter, Agents Of Smersh, Agility, Agoniste, Ahead In The Clouds, Akrotiri, Alien Frontiers, Aliens Vs Predator: The Hunt Begins, Allegiance: A Realm Divided, Amazing Space Venture, Among Nobles, Amphipolis, Anachronism, Anathema, Ancient Terrible Things, Andean Abyss, Android: Netrunner, Angola, Anima, Anomia, Apex Theropod Deck-Building Game, Apocalypse Chaos, Arcadia, Arcadia Quest, Arcana By Agi, Archer: The Danger Zone!, Archipelago, Arctic Scavengers, Area 1851, Arena Assault, Arf!, Aristo-Maze, Arkham Horror: The Card Game, Ars Victor, Art Of War: The Card Game , Artscow Generic Decks, Ascension, Ascension X: War Of Shadows, Asgard, Ashes: Rise Of The Phoenixborn, Assault: 19Xx, Atlantic Storm, Attack On Titan: Deck-Building Game, Attack!, Aura, Automania, Axis & Allies Air Force Miniatures, Aztlás, Bacchanalia, Bad Beets, Banditos, Bang! The Dice Game, Barbarossa, Bargain Hunter, Barons, Baseball Highlights: 2045, Batman Arkham City Escape, Battle Beyond Space, Battle For Hill 218, Battle For Souls, Battle Merchants, Battle Of The Bands, Battlecon, Battlecry, Battleground Alexander Vs. Persia, Battleground Historical Warfare: Second Punic War 218-201 Bc, Battleground: Fantasy Warfare, Battleline, Battles Of The American Revolution, Battleship Galaxies: The Saturn Offensive Game Set, Bazaar Gryphon Games English Edition, Bears Vs. Babies, Beer Money, Belfort, Belle Of The Ball, Berserk, Between Two Cities, Bhazum, Biblebattles, Biblios, Big Book Of Madness, Big Eyes, Small Mouth Anime Card Game, Bigfoot, Bigfootses, The Card Game, Billionaire Banshee , Bioshock Infinite: The Siege Of Columbia, Birdie Fight! , Birds Of A Feather , Black Fleet, Black Hat, Black Orchestra, Blackbeard, Blades Of Legend, Bloodborne: The Card Game, Bloodsuckers, Blue Vs. Gray, Blueprints, Boardgamegeek: The Card Game, Bomb Squad, Bomber Command, Bonnie And Clyde, Boomtown Bandits, Bootleggers, Boss Monster, Botswana, Bottom Of The 9Th, Brass Empire, Braverats, Brawling Barons, Brew Crafters, Bugs, Builders Of Blankenburg, Bullfrogs, Burger Boss, Burke'S Gambit , Burning Suns, Bushwhackin' Varmints Out Of Sergio'S Butte, But Wait, There'S More!, C.O.A.L: Combat-Oriented Armored League, Ca$H 'N Guns, Cabo, Cadwallon: City Of Thieves, California Gold, Call Of Cthulhu, Call To Glory, Camelot Legends, Camp Grizzly, Campy Creatures, Cannibal Pygmies In The Jungle Of Doom, Street Fighter Deck-Building Game, Captain Carcass, Captain'S Wager, Card Of The Dead, Cards Against Humanity, Carnival, Cartouche, Cast & Capture, Castaways, Castellan, Castle Assault, Castle Dash, Castle Dice, Cat Town, Catacombs, Cauldron Master, Cave Evil, Champions Of Midgard, Channel A, Chaos & Alchemy, Chaos Isle, Chaosmos, Charon Inc., Chew: Cases Of The Fda, Chez Cthulhu, Chez Goth, Chez Greek, Chez Grunt, Chez Guevara, Chicago Express, Chicken Ceasar, Chronicle, Chronology, Churchill, Cinema Frontier, Cinque Terre, Circus Train, City Council, City Of Horror, City Of Remnants, Civility, Civilization, Clank!: A Deck-Building Adventure, Claustrophobia, Clockwork Wars, Clubs, Cobras In The Cockpit, Cockroach Poker, Coconuts, Code Of Nine, Codex, Coin Age, Cold War: Cia Vs. Kgb, Coldwater Crown, Collateral Damage, Colonial: Europe'S Empires Overseas, Colony, Colossal Arena, Colt Express, Comanchería, Combat Commander, Commissioned, Concordia, Conflict Of Heroes, Conquest Of Paradise, Conquest Of Planet Earth, Conquest Of Speros, Conquest Of The Empire, Conquest Tactics, Conspiracy!, Control , Cookie Fu, Copper Country, Coppertwaddle, Core Worlds, Cornish Smuggler, Cornucopia, Corporate America, Corrupted Kingdoms, Corunea, Council Of Blackthorn, Council Of Verona, Coup D'Etat, Coup: Rebellion, Court Of The Medici, Covert, Cowpoker, Crazy Circus , Crazy Creatures Of Dr.Doom, Crimson Creek Standard Cards, Crimson Sun, Crooks, Cruel Necessity, Crunch: The Game For Utter Bankers, Cry Havoc, Cthulhu Gloom, Cthulhu Realms, Cubist, Cuisine A La Card, Cutthroat Caverns, Cypher, Cytosis, D-Day At Peleliu, Dabong, Damage Report, Dark Darker Darkest, Dark Dealings, Dark Gothic, Dark Horse, Dark Minions, Dark Moon, Dark Souls: The Board Game, Darkest Knight, Darkness Comes Rattling, Dash-In Dungeons, Dawn Of The Zeds, Dawn: Rise Of The Occulites, Daxu, Day Of The Dead, Dc Comics Deck-Building Game, Dead Drop, Dead Last, Dead Man'S Draw, Dead Men Tell No Tales, Dead Of Winter, Deadlands: Doomtown, Deadlands: The Battle For Slaughter Gulch, Deadzone, Deck Of Thieves, Defenders Of The Last Stand, Defenders Of The Realm, Defense Grid, Design Town, Dexikon, Di Renjie, Diamonds, Diamonsters, Die!, Diner, Disc Duelers, Discoveries, Dominant Species, Dominare, Doomtown: Reloaded, Double Feature, Down In Flames, Draco Magi, Draconis Invasion, Dragon Racer, Dragon Valley, Dragon'S Gold, Dragon'S Hoard, Dragon'S Ransom, Dragonwood, Dread Curse, Dreaming Spires, Dreary Hamlet, Duck Duck Go, Duck Duck Safari, Duel Of Ages Ii, Duel Of The Ages, Duel Of The Giants, Dungeon Busters , Dungeon Command, Dungeon Crawler, Dungeon Roll, Dungeon Run, Dungeon Saga, Dungeon Twister 2, Dungeoneer, Dungeonquest, Dungeons & Dragons: Temple Of Elemental Evil Board Game, Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing, Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game, Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend Of Drizzt Board Game, Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath Of Ashardalon Board Game, Dutch Blitz, Dwarven Dig, Earth Reborn, Earthquake, Easy Breezy Travel Agency, Eaten By Zombies, Eggs And Empires, Eggs Of Ostrich , Eight Epics, El Alamein, Elysium, Emergence Event, Eminent Domain, Empire Of The Sun, Empire Of Zidal, Empires At Sea, En Guarde, Endangered Orphans Of Condyle Cove, Endure The Stars, Enemy Action, Eons, Epic Card Game, Epic Dungeoneer, Epic Pvp: Fantasy, Epic Resort, Epic Spell Wars, Escape From Colditz, Eternal Dynasty, Eve: Conquests, Evil Genius, Evil Intent, Evolution, Exceed: Red Horizon, Exile Sun, Exodus: Proxima Centauri, Exploding Kittens, Exploit!, Exposed, Faceeater, Fairytale Gloom, Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar, Family Business, Fantahzee, Fantastiqa, Far Space Foundry, Farmageddon, Fast & Furious, Fate Of The Norns, Ferox, Field Of Glory, Fightball, Final Fantasy Tcg, Fire And Axe, Fire In The Lake, Firefly, Fireteam Zero, First Martians, Fishing For Terrorists, Fistful Of Dinero, Five Fingered Severance, Flash Duel, Flash Point, Fleet, Florenza, Florenzia, Flowerfall, Fog Of Love, Food Fight, Fool'S Gold, For Sale, For The Crown, For The People, Foragers, Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Stars, Force Ball, Forestaurant, Forge War, Forged In Steel, Formula E, Formula Motor Racing, Fortune & Glory, Founding Fathers, Frog Juice, Frontier Stations, Frontline D-Day, Fugitive, Fuse, Fzzzt!, Galactic Destiny, Galactic Strike Force, Galaxy Defenders, Galaxy: The Dark Ages, Game Of Thrones: The Card Game, Gang Of Four, Garbage Day, Garden Dice, Garibaldi: The Escape, Gathering Storm, Gauntlet Of Fools, Gem Dealer, Gem Rush, Generalship, Genesis, Get Bit, Get Lucky, Giga-Robo, Gingerdead House , Glenn Drover'S Empire, Global Domination, Gloom, Gloomhaven, Glory To Rome, Goblins Vs Zombies, Going, Going, Gone!, Good Cop Bad Cop, Gorechosen, Gosu, Grand Prix, Grand Tribunal, Grave Robbers From Outer Space, Gravwell, Great Heartland Hauning Co. The, Great Khan Game, Greedy Greedy Goblins, Green Thumb Cards, Grimoire, Grimslingers, Groo, Gruff, Gubs, Guildhall, Guillotine, Gunrunners, Guns & Steel, Gunship, Halls Of Montezuma, Hanamikoji, Hands In The Sea, Harald, Harbour, Harry Potter, Hogwarts Battle, Havoc, Havok & Hijinks, Hawken, Healing Blade, Healthy Heart Hospital, Heart Of Crown, Hecho, Heir To The Pharaoh , Helionox, Hemloch, Hera And Zeus, Here I Stand, Here, Kitty, Kitty!, Hero Of Weehawken , Hero Realms, Hero: Immortal King, Herocard, Heroes, Heroes Incorporated, Heroes Of Graxia, Heroes Wanted, Hex Hex Xl, Hey Waiter!, High Heavens, High Noon Saloon, High Society, High Treason, History Of The Roman Empire, Histrio , Hit Z Road, Hocus, Hold Your Breath!, Hollywood, Homeland, Honor Of The Samurai, Hooyah: Navy Seals Card Game, Hordes, Hornet, Hornet Leader, Hostage Negotiator, House Special, Hunters Of Arcfall, Hyperborea, I Say, Holmes!, I'M The Boss!, If I'M Going Down…, Iliad, Illuminati: New World Order, Imperial Harvest, Imperial Settlers, Impossible Machine, In The City: Origins, In The Name Of Odin, Incan Gold, Infamy, Infection: Humanity'S Last Gasp, Infernal Contraption, Infinity Dungeon, Inhabit The Earth, Inn-Fighting, Innovation, Inquisitio, Instinct, Invasion From Outer Space, Ion, Iron And Oak, Iron Sky, Isla Dorada, Island Fortress, Island Of Doctor Necreaux, Island Siege, Isle Of Monsters, Isle Of Trains, Ivanhoe, J'Accuse!, Jab, Jailbreakers: Plan Your Escape, Jaipur, Jammerup, Joking Hazard, Jolly Roger, Junta, Jupiter Rescue, K2, Ka Ching, Kanxume Goddess, Kanzume Goddess, Karmaka, Karnag, Karnivore Koala, Kazink, Khronos, Kigi, Kill The Overlord, Killer Bunnies, Kindgom Of Heaven, King Of New York, King Of Tokyo, King'S Forge, King'S Kilt, Kingmaker, Kings Of Air And Steam, Kings Of Israel, Kingsburg, Kodama, Kokoro, Kragmortha, Kraków 1325 Ad, Krosmaster: Arena, Kung Fu Fighting, Kung Fu Samurai On Giant Robot Island, Kuni Tori!, La Boca, Labyrinth: The War Of Terror, Ladies & Gentlemen, Last Night On Earth, Last Of The Independents, Last Will, Launch Pad, Leaders Of Euphoria, Leaping Lemmings, Legacy: Forbidden Machines, Legacy: Gears Of Time, Legend Of The Five Rings, Legendary, Legends At War, Legends Of The American Frontier, Legion Of Honor, Legitimacy, Lemonade Stand, Let'S Kill, Letter Tycoon, Level 7, Lewis & Clark, Libert?, Libertalia, Lifeboat, Light Rail, Lightning, Lincoln'S War, Little Devils, Lobotomy, Lock & Key, London, London Dread, Long Shot, Loop Inc., Loot, Looting London, Lord Of The Rings, Lords Of The Sand, Lords Of Vegas, Lords Of Waterdeep, Lost Legacy, Lost Legends, Lost Temple, Lotus , Love Letter, Ludi Gladiatorii, Lunch Money, Lyssan, M.U.L.E., Mage Knight: Board Game, Mage Tower, Mage Wars, Magestorm, Magic: The Gathering, Magical Athlete, Magical Restaurant, Mai-Star, Man Bites Dog, Manhattan Project, Manifest Destiny, March Of The Ants, Mars Needs Mechanics, Dice Masters, Marvel Heroes, Masmorra, Master Of Orion, Master Plan, Masters Gallery, Mecanisburgo, Mechs Vs. Minions, Medieval, Medieval Academy, Mercante, Metallum, Meteor, Mice And Mystics, Micro Mutants, Middle Earth, Middle Kingdom, Midevil, Mifuchi, Mimic, Mine, All Mine!, Miskatonic School For Girls, Missing Link, Mistfall, Moby Dick, Modern Art, Modern Naval Battles, Modern Society, Monarch, Monolith, Monster Derby, Monster Mayhem, Monsters Menace America, Montana, Moonquake Escape, Morels, Mottainai, Mow Money, Mr. Card Game, Mr. Madison'S War, Multiuniversum, Munchkin Gloom, Munchkin Quest, Mundus Novus, Mushroom Eaters, My Fair Princess, My Kind Of Town, Mysterium, Mystery Express, Mystery Rummy, Myth, Myth: Pantheons, Mythic Battles, Mythos Tales, Mythotopia, Naruto Shippuden, Nations, Nature Of The Beast, Nefarious, Nerdy Inventions, Netrunner, Nevermore, New Amsterdam, New Era, New Salem, Nexus Ops, Nhl Power Play, Nightfall, Nile, Nile Deluxor, Ninja All-Stars, Ninja Camp, Ninja Legend Of The Scorpion Clan, Ninjato, No Retreat, Noah, Noir, Noir: Killer Vs. Inspector, Nostra City, Not Alone, Nothing Personal, Nuts, Oddball Aeronauts, Oddville, Okko: Era Of The Asagiri, Omen, On The Cards, One Deck Dungeon, One Zero One, Onward To Venus, Operation F.A.U.S.T., Ophir, Ortus Tegni, Otters, Outfoxed, Outlive, Outpost, Pacific Typhoon, Pack Of Heroes, Pandemic, Panic Station, Panzer General, Paperback, Parsec Deluxe, Pasha, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Paths Of Glory, Pax Romana, Pbl Robots, Penny Arcade, Penny Press, Perdition'S Mout, Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars , Perspective, Pesky Humans, Phantom Leader, Phantom League, Phantom Magic Vision, Phase, Pie Factory, Pie Rats Of The Carob Bean Farm, Pig Pile?, Pillars Of Eternity, Pinball Showdown , Pirate King, Pirates Vs. Dinosaurs, Pixel Glory, Pixel Lincoln, Pixel Tactics, Plague, Planes, Planetarium, Plate 3000, Play Nine, Plus Ultra, Pocket Mars, Pocket Neon City Rumble, Pokemon, Poker Assault, Poo, Portal, Posthuman, Power, Pretense, Prime Time, Princess Bride: Storming The Castle, Prodigy, Professor Pugnacious, Progress, Purrrlock Holmes, Pursuit Of Glory, Quack In The Box, Quantum, Quarriors, Quartermaster General, Quartermaster General, Quilt Show, Race For The Galaxy, Race For The Summit, Raid & Trade, Railroad Tycoon, Railways Express, Railways Of Europe, Railways Of The World, Rampage, Rattle, Battle, Grab The Loot, Rattus Cartus, Rattus Cartus, Rayguns And Rocketships, Red Dragon Inn, Red7, Redshirts, Regnum Angelica, Relic Expedition, Republic Of Rome, Resident Evil Deck Building Game, Resistance, Revolver, Rheinlander, Rick And Morty, Rise Of Cthulhu, Risk: Godstorm, Robin, Robot Turtles, Robots: Battle For The Coal Heart, Rockwell, Roll For It!, Roll Player, Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, Rome: Rise To Power, Rowboat, Rum & Bones, Rumpelstiltskin, Run, Fight, Or Die!, Ruse, Saga Of The Northmen, Sagrada, Salmon Run, Saloon Tycoon, Samurai Spirit, Samurai Sword, Sanitarium, Sarkophag, Say Bye To The Villains, Sbires, Scandaroon, Scary Tales, Scavengers, Scheffeln, Scott Pilgrim'S Precious Little Card Game, Scripts And Scribes, Scrumbrawl, Scum, Scurvy Musketeers Of The Spanish Main, Sea Of Clouds, Seafall, Seasons, Secret Weapons Of The Third Reich , Secrets Of The Lost Tomb, Sekigahara, Sentinel Tactics, Sentinels Of The Multiverse, Seppuku, Sergeants D-Day, Serpents Of The Seas, Seven Dragons, Seven7S, Seventh Hero, Shadow Hunters, Shadow Of The Sun, Shadowrun, Shadowrun: Crossfire, Shadows Of Brimstone, Shadows Of Malice, Shakespeare, Sheriff Of Nottingham, Shifting Sands, Shinobi Clans, Ships, Sigging Ducks, Silent But Deadly Night, Silverton, Simurgh, Sitting Ducks, Sixes, Skeleton Island, Sky Traders, Skyway Robbery, Sleeping Queens, Slush Fund, Smash Up, Snarf Quest, Sola Fide, Sons Of Anarchy, Soulfall, Space Cadets, Space Movers 2201, Space Sheep!, Space Station Assault, Spaceteam, Spanc, Spartacus, Spearpoint 1943, Specter Ops, Spellcaster, Spirit Island, Spirits Of The Rice Paddy, Splendor, Spurs: A Tale In The Old West, Spyfall, Spyrium, Stalin'S War, Star Realms, Star Trek, Star Trek Panic, Star Trek: Ascendancy, Star Trek: Attack Wing, Star Trek: Expeditions, Star Trek: Five-Year Mission, Star Trek: Fleet Captains, Star Trek: Frontiers, Star Wars, Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: Destiny, Star Wars: Empire Vs. Rebellion, Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures, Starfighter, Steam Court, Stone & Relic, Storm Over Dien Bien Phu, Storm Over Stalingrad, Straw, Strike Of The Eagle, Stronghold, Study In Emerald, Stuff And Nonsense, Sturgeon, Successors, Sun Of York, Sun, Moon, & Stars, Sunrise City, Super Dungeon Explore, Super Motherload, Super Showdown, Superhot, Swing States 2012, Sword Of Rome, Swords And Bagpipes, Sylla, Tail Feathers, Tales & Games, Tanto Cuore, Tara, Seat Of Kings, Tarot Storia, Tasnia, Tavarua, Tavern Fame, Taverna, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows Of The Past, Temporum, Tenka, Teomachia, Tera Evolution, Terraforming Mars, Tesla Vs. Edison, Tessen, The Ares Project, The Battle At Kemble'S Cascade, The Big Book Of Madness, The Blood Of An Englishman, The Butterfly Garden , The Captain Is Dead, The Cards Of Cthulhu, The Convoy, The Dragon & Flagon, The Dragon And The Emperor, The Dresden Files, The Fittest, The Golden Ages, The Great Dinosaur Rush, The Halls Of Montezuma, The Institute For Magical Arts, The King'S Abbey, The King'S Armory, The Lord Of The P.I.G.S., The Lord Of The Rings, The Manhattan Project, The Napoleonic Wars, The Networks, The New Science, The Oregon Trail, The Others, The Princess Bride: I Hate To Kill You, The Prodigals Club, The Producer, The Ravens Of Thri Sahashri, The Undercity, The Walkig Dead Card Game, The Walking Dead Board Game, The Walled City, The X-Files, Theomachy, They Come Unseen, Thief'S Market , Thieves Guild, Thrash-Car, Three Cheers For Master, Thunder Alley, Thunderbirds, Thunderbolt Apache Leader, Thunderstone, Ticket To Ride: The Card Gme, Tiger Leader, Tiki Mountain!, Till Dawn, Tin Soldiers, Tiny Epic Defenders, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Titanium Wars, To Court The King, Tomb, Tomorrow, Tooth & Nail, Tornado Alert!, Touch Of Evil, Tournay, Tower, Tower Of Mystery, Traders Of Carthage, Traders Of Osaka, Tragedy Looper, Train Heist, Train Of Thought, Trains, Transylvania, Trekking The National Parks, Trickster, Trieste, Triple Four, Triumph & Tragedy, Triumvirate, Truck Off, Twilight Struggle

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