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Coin Standard Stands -- 3 Pack


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The Coin Standard slabbed coin stand holds your coin upright at a 40° angle for ideal viewing.  Just rotate it open, set it down and drop your slab inside.   The patented design hugs your coin and ensures that your coin will not tip or fall over.  They are ideal for:
  • PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)
  • NGC (Numismatic Guarantee Corporation)
  • ANACS (American Numismatic Association) Modern Size
  • ICG (Independent Coin Graders)
  • PCI (Photo Certified Institute)
  • SEGS (Sovereign Entities Grading Service)
  • ACG (Accugrade)
  • NTC (Numistrust Corporation)
  • HCGS (Hallmark Coin Grading Service)
  • ACCGS (American Coin Club Grading Service)
  • SGS (Star Grading Services)
  • Most Coins Graded by Recognized Third-Party Grading Services
  • Most Standard-Sized Aftermarket Coin Slabs
Coin Standard slab stands work for coin slabs that are up to 63.4mm wide and up to 11.5mm thick.  However, the Coin Standard holder will not accommodate PCGS "Jumbo"/"Oversized", NGC "Oversize", "Super" Slabs, or slabs with coins that are 2+ troy oz. in size.

The Coin Standard is manufactured with high-grade materials (hardened ABS plastic with a satin finish).  It's sleek design makes it less obtrusive and distracting than other brands of easels or stands.

Sold in packs of three stands.

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Reviewed by Jerry
on Jun 9, 2023
These are great 10/10
I’ve got 20 of these and I love them. Cool product!

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