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Dillers Coin Darkener


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Per the manufacturer:
  • Tones and darkens copper rapidly
  • Does not damage coins
  • Safe and easy to use

Great  for retoning cleaned copper coins and works great on ancients. Easy to use, a small amount evenly rubbed on the cleaned copper coin, then wiped off with a clean soft cloth will do it. Can be repeated if the results don't satisfied you the first time. Will work faster when the coin is warmed.

You must start with a clean surface to tone on the coin. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE ON SILVER. 

DILLER'S® DULLER  for scratched , maltreated or over-cleaned copper coins. Tones the coin by darkening.  May take several applications, May work better if the coin is warmed.  Use  sparingly. Apply with a soft brush or cotton swab. A very small  amount goes a long way. Wipe coin when tone of coin is just a shade lighter than you want and allow to darken by itself. It's best you experiment with a pre-1982 copper penny before working on you collector coin. Handle coin by the edges.  It is best that you use common latex free gloves so finger oils do not disrupt the process. Stir DILLER'S DULLER with a matchstick or toothpick before each use.

Keep out of reach of children! Do not ingest! 

8 gram bottle.

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