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Saflips - 2x2
$13.75 $9.59
Saflips - 2.5x2.5
$19.25 $13.49
Inserts For Two Pocket Flips - 2x2
$2.50 $1.89


Saflip coin flips have been the coin collection industry standard since their introduction. A Saflip coin flip is made of inert materials that will never harm or corrode your coins while in contact with them. As a result, Saflip coin flips are highly effective in both short- and long-term coin storage situations.

In addition to their coin-safe construction, Saflip coin flips are an excellent way of displaying and organizing individual coins in your collection. Using two separate but connected pockets, a coin and its information card can be stored neatly together while keeping the coin safe from any potential contaminants or ill-advised handling.

Saflip Coin Flips

Saflips coin flips come in two sizes and both sizes are available at The 2×2 size is ideal for most collection use while the 2.5×2.5 size is typically required for use in submitting coins to PCGS, NGC and other third party grading services. We bring our customers deep discounts on Saflip coin flips as well as a great selection of coin albums and coin holders for all of your coin storage needs.