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The Coin Collector Album Lincoln Cents


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The Coin Collector albums are comparable in manufacturing quality to the major brands (such as Dansco, Whitman and Littleton) but at a fraction of the cost. The covers are similated leather texture and dark green in color. Like the other major brands, The Coin Collector albums have clear acetate slides that cover each side of the coin making both the obverse and reverse visible. The Coin Collector albums do not contain PVC.

This album includes slots for both the Wheat reverse and the Memorial reverse Lincoln Cents. In the Wheat series, slots are included for 1909 VDB, 1909-S VDB, 1909 - 1921 PDS. 1922-D, 1922 Plain, 1923 - 1942 PDS, 1943 PDS steel cents, and 1944 - 1958 PDS. Three blank spots finish out the page before the Memorials begin on the following page.. Slots included for the Lincoln Memorial Cents include cover each date from 1959 to 2007 including PD and S mintmarks. Also included are holes for the 1960, 1960-D and 1970-S in both large and small date, the Type II proofs from 1979 and 1981 and all seven varieties of the 1982 large/small date copper/zinc cents. Slots are also included for the S-mint proof only issues, including both the 1979 and 1981 Type 2 S-mint proofs. This album has slots for coins from 1909-2007.

Pages: 8
Slots: 285 plus 3 blank slots

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