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The Confident Carson City Coin Collector


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Rusty Goe’s three-volume set, The Confident Carson City Coin Collector, provides a time-capsule glimpse of all the knowledge available for discovery about the Carson City Mint’s history and the coins that have survived from that place leading up to the 150th anniversary (2020) of the Mint’s opening in January 1870. Just about anything anyone would want to know about the mint and its coins can be found in these three volumes.

Q. David Bowers, in his Foreword to Goe’s three-volume set, wrote:

The current volumes are monumental additions to the existing literature on the Carson City mint. I have never seen a more exhaustive study of coins (of any kind) presented. I am greatly impressed with The Confident Carson City Coin Collector.

Details about The Confident Carson City Coin Collector include:

  • The 848-page Volume 1 covers the coins produced at the Carson City Mint from 1870 to 1874 (The Beginning to the Comstock Lode's Launch to Glory).

  • The 1,012-page Volume 2 spans the years 1875 to 1885 (Bonanza Times to James Crawford's Death).

  • The 640-page Volume 3 completes the last five years of coinage production at the Carson City Mint, from 1889 to 1893 (The Carson City Mint's Rebirth to Farewell Reflections) and contains the appendicies.

  • Amazing facts about "CC" Coins' grades revealing information about important Carson City coins having received different grades through the years.

  • Ownership records and auction histories. Learn who has owned many significant CC coins through the years along with hundreds of auction appearances of Carson City coins.

  • Carson City Mint's history from the earliest days before the mint's opening in 1870 through the end of its coinmaking years in 1893 -- a narrative of epic proportions that brings Nevada's mint to life.

  • Color images fill numerous pages; at least one zoomed image (obverse and reverse) of all 111 date-denominations with the “CC” mintmark.

  • Historical Setting narratives for every year of the Carson City Mint’s coinmaking years (1870 - 1893).

  • Coin Commentary sections provide extensive studies of all Carson City silver and gold date-denominations; surviving population data, pedigrees, pricing, and auction appearances are all updated as of year-end 2018.

  • An entire chapter is devoted to the coinmaking process at the Carson City Mint including images of the various processes.

  • Significant error coins with the CC mintmark receive due attention, as do chopmarked Trade dollars, various varieties, and canceled dies.

  • The Appendices add much depth to the earlier chapters in the volumes; never-before-revealed information adds great value to this back-matter material including:

    • Finest known list comprising every Carson City date-denomination.

    • 70-year price history.

    • Grades of 109-piece Nevada State Museum coin collection.

    • Coinmaking procedures at the Carson City Mint.

    • Survival estimates for all "CC" coins, and so much more.

Commentators have declared that Rusty Goe’s 2003 full-length book, The Mint on Carson Street, stimulated much interest in the collecting of Carson City coins. Many notable collections of “CC” coins were built in the aftermath of the release of that book. Many builders of such collections credited The Mint on Carson Street for inspiring them to begin (or become more passionate about) their pursuits of “CC” coins. Goe’s new three-volume set is sure to ignite (or rekindle) such interest in many people’s minds. The Confident Carson City Coin Collector will serve as the definitive reference work about the Carson City Mint and its coins for decades to come.

Binding: Hardcover (3 volumes)
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: December 31, 2020
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 2500

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