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From Mine to Mint

SKU: 114021
Model No.: 9780976898672
Author / Editor: Roger W. Burdette
ISBN 10: 0976898675
ISBN 13: 9780976898672
UPC: 9780976898672





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8/15/13 Update: From Mine to Mint was named 2013 Book of the Year at the the Numismatic Literary Guild banquet held in connection with the Chicago ANA convention.

From Mine to Mint examines the technology, equipment and operations of the United States Mints from opening of the second Philadelphia Mint in 1833 to the institution of operational reforms in 1937. In depth text and illustrations explain press operation, refining, ingot preparation, striking, counting, shipping and a host of other mint operations and the equipment used to perform them. From Mine to Mint also includes previously unknown accounts of gold adjustment as well as the gradual evolution of key pieces of machinery. The first uses of steam powered presses are explained, and the evolution from steam and coal to electricity and natural gas is described along with the impact on coinage. Also included are descriptions, photos and floor plans of U.S. Mints and assay offices and descriptions of their operations.

Pre-publications praise:

“…a stunning accomplishment!”

“If you have any interest at all in the Mint's history and operations in the 19th century, this book will knock your socks off.”

The book is accompanied by a free CD-ROM containing the complete searchable text and a version suitable for eReaders and other portable text devices. The CD also includes copies of US Mint laws and annotated summaries up to the twentieth century. (The CD is bundled with the book and not sold separately.)
Binding: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Publication Date: March 20, 2013
Size: 6x9
Pages: 560

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From Mine to Mint
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