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Journal of Numismatic Research -- Issue 4 -- Autumn 2013 (3c Silver, $3 Gold, Jewelry Gold Dollars)


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AUTHOR/EDITOR: Roger W. Burdette
ISBN 13: 9780989959506
ISBN 10: 0989959503
EAN: 9780989959506
BARCODE: 9780989959506
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This issue of the Journal of Numismatic Research features four short articles written by Roger W. Burdette.

Origin of the 3-Cent Silver Coin--Beneath the angry public debates on slavery, new state admissions and regional commerce, two important topics permeated the country. One was the need for consistent national currency of gold and silver coins that was uniformly available and of equal value everywhere. The other was revision of the postal service so it could cheaply and securely ensure written communication across a vast, largely unpopulated continental nation. Out of these dual topics, emerged the nation's first 3-cent coin.

Next comes a one page opinion piece James B. Longacre as a Die Engraver.

Purpose of the $3 Gold Coin--Coin collectors have long wondered why Congress approved introduction of a $3.00 gold coin in 1854. Numerous speculations have been put forward, bot none identified the initial motivation for this odd, seemingly useless denomination. Learn the real reason for the $3 gold coin with this short article.

Gold Dollars Used For Jewelry--Necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, rings, pendants and a multitude of other items of personal adornment became the final resting places of thousands of tiny gold dollars. Coin collectors were the only refuge for these forgotten gold pieces.

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