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Oak Display Box -- 56 Quarter Capsules


SKU: 45985
MODEL: 78060-56Q
MADE IN: China
Regular Price: $86.50
Sale Price: $64.89
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An ideal way to house your set of State or National Park Quarters, this heavy duty (weighs over 5 pounds empty) custom-made box is crafted of oak in a rich, dark natural wood color. The lid is hinged securely with a piano-style, gold color hinge and stays securely shut with a powerful magnetic closing mechanism. The interior cavity contains a velour foam insert into which up to 56 quarters in capsules can be placed (the quarters and capsules are not included). The oak box has rounded edges and a recessed area in the front makes it easy to open. The four small feet have felt tips so that the box is safe to place on any work surface.

These boxes are manufactured in China by a large US coin promoter.  When their customers spend larger amounts on an expensive set of state quarters, they ship them in a nice display box.  Because the boxes were intended to be "give-aways," efforts were made to keep production costs low.  As a result there are frequently minor defects in the manufacture of these boxes.  Most common are (1) marks or blemishes in the wood that have been recolored with a marker or tool using a slightly different color than the stain used on the wood and (2) imperfect alignment of parts and pieces.  Despite these issues, we like them and they fill an important niche in our offering not served by other brands of boxes.  First, they are really the only true solid wood boxes available and the price is quite attractive compared to the impact of the box.  For coin dealers or promoters looking for an item to ship complimentary with a nice set of coins, these work well.  Similarly, big picture collectors who can overlook an occasional issue in exchange for the overall nice appearance of these solid wood boxes at great prices, will be very happy with them.  Those who are attentive to details and bothered by marks repaired with slightly different colored stains and/or occasional small misalignment of parts will be better served choosing another of our display boxes.

Dimensions: 16.5 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches
Holds: Up to 56 quarter-sized coins in capsules (not included). Kointain brand will not work with this item.

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