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Lighthouse Leatherette Box -- for 1 2x2 Snaplock Holder

SKU: 458501
Model No.: 322779
Alternate Model No.: NOBILEQ50x
UPC: 4004117333453







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These affordable Nobile coin display boxes from Lighthouse were designed for storage and display of Lighthouse Quadrum coin holders. The exterior of these boxes is a sturdy metal frame covered with durable matt black simulated leather. The interior features a white satin lined lid and a black velvet inlay to hold your snaplock holders securely in place. They come in seven different sizes to display from one to six or 20 coins.
Dimensions: 2.5x2.5 (65mm x 65mm)
Capacity: One 2x2 Snaplock Coin Holder (sold separately)
Compatible Snaplock Coin Holders: Compatible only with Lighthouse Quadrum 2x2 Coin Holders

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